Twiddle & WLF Present 10k Donation!

Sep 15

September 13, 2018


On Wednesday September 12th, Twiddle, through their 501c3 partner, the White Light Foundation, donated $10,000 to the University of Vermont’s Children’s Hospital. White Light Foundation, inspired by the music and message of the Vermont quartet Twiddle, raises money and awareness for organizations important to Twiddle and the community that supports them.


The $10,000 was raised in late July by Twiddle and White Light Foundation at the annual Tumble Down festival held in Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT. White Light Foundation partnered with Martin Guitars and Twiddle community artists on raffles to raise money, as well as hosting a Charity Disc Golf Event. In support of White Light Foundation’s fundraising, Fiddlehead Brewing Company released a Twiddle inspired pale ale titled “Relax and Dream”, that honored the band’s message of positivity and love.  Fiddlehead Brewing Company matched $2,500 of White Light Foundation’s fundraising to bring the total gift to $10,000.


On Wednesday, September 12th, Mihali Savoulidis and Brook Jordan of Twiddle, representatives of the University of Vermont’s Children’s Hospital including Chief of Pediatrics Dr. Lewis First, White Light Foundation, and Fiddlehead Brewing Company met at the hospital for a check ceremony.


After the check presentation and photographs Mihali and Brook played music for the children’s hospital patients and staff. Steve Perlah, President and CEO of the White Light Foundation, said, “it was an incredible privilege to represent Twiddle fans and our partners today in making this donation to the UVM Children’s Hospital.”

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