Masthay Frankenfoote Timed Edition LIVE!

Dec 2
Masthay Studios – “The Life and Times of Frankenfoote”, le tbd / $65 each is now available via the online store!
18”x24”, 8 color linoleum block print, singed and numbered timed edition on Stonehenge cotton rag paper stock.
This will be a ‘timed’ edition and you are able to buy more than one.
However, the following 5 variants will be 1 per order. Please do not attempt to buy a second of the same variant, we will NOT ship your order.
(Cherry Veneer /50) $85
(Red Mirror Foil /25) $100
(Swirl Holographic Foil /15) $125
(Rose Gold Lava Foil /10) $150
(Watercolor /1 to benefit the WLF) tbd
The ‘Timed Edition’ (final image will look slightly different than the original drawing seen here) will run for 1 week ONLY. The edition size will be determined on Monday the 9th when all of the prints are taken down.