The Original Twizard ~ “Royle Rag” 15″x19″ – LE 80


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The Twiddle Wizard (Twizard) was originally designed as a run of “Royle Rags” in 2015 by artist Ryan Coyle.

Inspired by the lyrics of “Beethoven and Greene”, this is the original Twiddle wizard!

It has only been available as a “Royle Rag” mini tapestry (2015) and in a green variant t-shirt (Frendly 2016)- both in extremely limited numbers.

Now for the first time on a non-cloth surface, you can fully appreciate the detail of this piece like never before.

This limited run of 80 (15”x19”) posters is hand signed and numbered by the artist on an incredibly unique and durable poster paper.


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