Meet the Band


A guitar player’s guitar player, his extraordinary capability to shred is accompanied by mesmerizing vocals. From the electric to the acoustic, to his solo looping madness, Mihali’s jamming is evolving constantly. Literally, Savoulidis plays guitar every single day.

Ryan Dempsey- Keys, Organ, Synth, Vocals

From clean organ tones to keyboard funk, Mr. Ryan Dempsey’s tickling of the ivories is on par with the greatest masters. His playing style mirrors Herbie Hancock, John Medeski, & Bernie Worrell, all while writing music that shares his own dynamic musical personality. Do you believe in Aliens?

Brook Jordan- Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Brook is a rare breed of percussionist. Listen closely to any Twiddle original, and you will uncover densely complex layers of beat. Often deeply synced with Gubb’s low end slapping, Jordan controls a song’s character and direction more than you know. If you are lucky, like win the lottery lucky, you might convince him to drop a DJ-BJ set.

Zdenek Gubb- Bass Vocals

Not much is known about the origins of the Gubb. Scholars say he was raised in the wild with a family of Yetis, his feet never knowing shoes. Evolutionists argue his lineage stems from the likes of Bootsy Collins, Bill Laswell, and Les Claypool. Nonetheless, the “Gubb Zone,” namely his immediate ten foot diameter on stage, has been known to produce melted faces, and sightings of the Holy Grail.